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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Plastic Glue

The Army Painter - Plastic Glue

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The Army Painter Plastic Glue is the perfect tool when assembling your plastic miniature.

Most miniatures and models come in sprues and have to be assembled. This means that you will need to glue them together. With The Army Painter Plastic Glue, you can build miniature models in no time while also minimising the risk of unsightly seams or gaps between joined pieces.

Plastic glue – or polystyrene cement – differs from other types of glue as it doesn’t merely stick the two pieces together; it actually melts the plastic. When the plastic glue is applied, the chemical components of the glue slightly melt the plastic surface and as the glue cures, the two pieces fuse together, creating a much stronger bond than when using e.g., superglue.

The Army Painter Plastic Glue allows for precise and controlled application due to the smart applicator tip combined with the thin-flowing consistency of the Plastic Glue. This is invaluable when assembling intricate model components, ensuring that the glue is only applied where it is actually needed.

Mess free, quick-setting, and only working on plastic, it is easy to use and won’t adhere to your skin. This makes it a great tool for hobbyists of all levels.

The benefits of using plastic glue for miniature assembly

One of the benefits of using plastic glue rather than superglue is that it takes a little longer to dry, providing you some extra time and wiggle room to adjust the placement or posing of the different parts on the miniature or model during assembly. When using Plastic Glue, the joint is as strong as any other part of the plastic. This prevents pieces from coming apart during or after painting and throughout your warpainting journey.

Whenever you’re using glue – whether it’s Battlefield Basing Glue, Super Glue, or Plastic Glue – always make sure that the surfaces you are going to glue are clean, as dirt or grease will prevent the parts from bonding properly.

The Army Painter’s Plastic Glue is your gateway to precision, durability, and artistic freedom. With the Plastic Glue by your side, you can modify the various components of any model or miniature you assemble, ensuring a strong bond and clean seams.

This enables you to create customised masterpieces and let your paint job shine like never before. It is a must-have for any serious miniature hobbyist.

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