Backorder / Pre-order Information

We have made the decision to allow backorders for ranges in which we are confident in maintaining a consistent (weekly) fulfillment of orders from the distributors.

This allows us to maintain a manageable level of stock on hand, whilst providing you with a complete selection. Saving you the trouble of purchasing from multiple sources, or checking back for stock availability.

These ranges include:

  • The Army Painter
  • Plastic Miniature Kits (Victrix, Gripping Beast, Warlord Games, etc.)

Items available for backorder are labeled on both the catalogue pages and product pages with 'Available for Backorder', in place of the 'Add to Cart' button. Simply add to cart and purchase like normal.

Additional items

If you are searching for an item that you believe we should be able to get, but is not currently listed on the website, do reach out. We have access to a huge selection of manufacturers; 

Archon Studio
Baueda Wargames
Caesar Miniatures
Conquest Games
Corvus Belli
Fireforge Games
Firelock Games
Free League
Games Workshop
Great Escape Games
Knight Models
Kraken Wargames
Mantic Games
Monument Hobbies
North Star Military Figures (Plastic Kits)
Olmec Games
Para Bellum
Perry Miniatures (Plastic Kits)
Plastic Soldier Company
Privateer Press
Wargames Atlantic
Warlord Games
Wyrd Miniatures