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Pro Grass Box Static Grass Applicator Four Seasons Bundle

Pro Grass Box Static Grass Applicator Four Seasons Bundle

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Plate Size: 110mm x 90mm

Bundle includes

  • 1x Pro Grass Box Applicator
  • 12x 30g bags of PGS static grass
    • Spring 2mm, 4mm & 6mm
    • Summer 2mm, 4mm & 6mm
    • Autumn 2mm, 4mm & 6mm
    • Winter 2mm, 4mm & 6mm
The Pro Grass Box Applicator uses the same technology as the other applicators in the War World Scenics Pro Grass Applicator range and is also powered by a 9V battery (not supplied)

The box provide a static electrical current to charge the static grass fibres, causing them to arrange in a vertical position on your miniature bases or tuft paper, giving a realistic 3D effect. The Pro Grass Box Applicator is efficient with superb results, wireless and only requires a 9v battery (so no unnecessary cables). It has a lightweight design yet is robust, versatile and time-saving (quicker than manually applying static grass – with better results).

The Pro Grass Boxes Applicator can be used for: Making grass tufts   Flocking Trees Adding detail to miniature model bases Full detailed instructions are also su

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